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  • Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Puglia Region - Department of Culture and Education
  • Provincial Administration of Bari - Department of Culture and P.I.
  • Municipality of Bari
    theme: SACRED ARCHITECTURE: users, documentation and design
  • University Experimental Center of Culture "S. Teresa dei Maschi"
  • Chair of Architectural Photogrammetry-University of Bari
  • Italian Architectural Photogrammetry Foundation collaboration: Commission for Art Sacred in Puglia
    date: November 28-29-30, 1988
  • Chamber of Commerce-Corso Cavour 2-Bari
  • University Experimental Center of Culture "S Teresa dei Maschi ", via della Torretta 6. Old Bari
    secretariat: Enzo Pesola-Experimental Center University of Culture '' S. Teresa dei Maschi 080/232225


    Monday 28 November -Congress room of the Chamber of Commerce
    16.30 - greeting from the authorities

  • dott. adv. Franco De Lucia - Mayor of the city of Bari
  • prof. ing. Attilio Alto - Rector of the University of Bari
  • prof. ing. Saverio Misceo - Commissioner of the Experimental University Center of Culture "S. Teresa dei Maschi", University of Bari
    17.00 - introduction

  • prof. ing. Antonio Daddabbo - Professor of Architectural Photogrammetry, University of Bari
  • prof. don Nicola Bux - Responsible for Sacred Art in Puglia
    17.30 - relations
  • " Meaning and form of contemporary sacred architecture "   - prof. arch. Sandro Benedetti - Professor of Architecture at the University of Rome, President of the Catholic Union of Italian Artists.
  • " New churches for renewed communities " - prof. Don Salvatore Palese - Pugliese Theological Institute, Molfetta (BA)
    18.30 - debate
    19.00 - interventions
  • " Reading and survey of mystical spaces " - prof. arch.   Ottorino Rosati - Extraordinary Professor of Drawing and Relief, Faculty of Architecture, Polytechnic of Turin
  • " A house for the people of God: biblical aspects and theological foundation " - prof. Don Felice di Molfetta - Theological Institute   Pugliese, Molfetta (BA) 19.30 - debate
    moderates and concludes : S.E. on prof. adv. Renato Dell'Andro-Giudice Constitutional Court
    Tuesday 29 November - Sala Congresses of the Chamber of Commerce
    9.00 - prolusion
  • " The sacred building in community life "   - SELF. Msgr. Mariano Magrassi-Archbishop of Bari-Bitonto, President of the   Apulian Episcopal Conference;
    9.15 - relations
  • " The paper on the intended use of the ancient ecclesiastical buildings "   - prof. Msgr. Pietro Amato - Pontifical Central Commission for Sacred Art,   Rome
  • " Faith, liturgy and culture at the origins of sacred architecture "   - arch. Msgr. Valerio Vigorelli - Director of the Beato Angelico-Milan School
    10.15- debate
    10.45 - interval
    11. 00 - interventions
  • " The documentation of the sacred environment: experience of documentation   photogrammetric at the Diocesan Museum of Bari "- prof. mons .   Gaetano Barracane - Director of the Diocesan Commission for the Sacred Art of Bari  
  • " Reliefs of churches damaged by the 1980 earthquake: the intervention   of the Photogrammetric Unit of the Urban Police of Bari in Basilicata "   - dott. Antonio Cavallo - Commander of the Urban Police of Bari   
  • " The updating of municipal technicians for correct management   of the territory "- Dr. Domenico Izzo - Mayor of the Municipality of Montalbano   Jonico (MT)   
  • " The cold of marble, the warm of stone " - Giorgio   Saponaro - Writer   
  • " About a scheduled demolition " - prof.   dr. Emilio Putti - University of Bari   
  • " Questions on survey regulations " - Rosanna   Terzulli - Italian Architectural Photogrammetry Foundation
    12.45 - debate
    moderates and concludes : on. dr. Angelo Maria Sanza - Undersecretary of State to the Prime Minister's Office for Security Services
    Tuesday 29 November - Sala Congresses of the Chamber of Commerce
    16.00 - interventions
  • " The measure of the volumetric degradation of an architectural object   starting from a database obtained photogrammetrically "- prof.   ing. Carlo Monti - Institute of Topography, Photogrammetry and Geophysics, Polytechnic   from Milan
  • " Photogrammetry for the documentation of the architectural heritage:   problems of methodological interaction and contemporary cultural issues "   - prof. arch. Cesare Cundari - Department of Representation and Relief,   University of Rome "La Sapienza"
  • " Relief and cataloging with new technologies: an experience   teaching ". - prof. arch. Laura Barattin - E.N.A.I.P. Veneto
    17.00 - debate
    17.30 - interventions   
  • " Matera's cultural heritage " - Franco Dipede - Center   Visual Arts Studies, Matera
  • " Didactics and territory " - prof. Rolando Bellini - Academy of Fine Arts of Bari
  • " Archaeological and architectural heritage: the use of aerial photography "   - dott. Letterio Munafò III Aerial Region, Bari
  • " Questions on vocational training in the field of   documentation "- Maurizio Mastrorilli - Foundation Secretary   Italian Architectural Photogrammetry
    18.15 - debate
    moderates and concludes: on dott. Angelo Maria Sanza- Undersecretary of State to the Prime Minister's Office for Security Services
    Wednesday 30 November -Sala Congress Chamber of Commerce
    9.00 - relations - prof. ing. Carmelo Sena - Director of the Photogrammetry Laboratory for the terrestrial surveys of the Polytechnic of Turin
  • " Photogrammetry for the construction of copies of the coating   wall in the tomb of Bakenrenef in Saqqara (Egypt) "- Prof. Walter Ferri -Director of the Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Photogrammetry, University of Pisa
  • " The survey for the project " - Pietro Grimaldi -
    President of the Italian Architectural Photogrammetry Foundation
    10.00 - debate
    10.45 - interventions
  • " One hundred years of architectural photogrammetry: instrumental progress   and methodological "- dr. Maurizio Minchilli - Section Manager   Stereophotogrammetric for the relief of monuments, Institute of Architecture   and Urban Planning, University of Bari
  • " Sacrality and functionality of the church building:   experience of a designer "- Dr. ing. Domenico Delle Thanks - Free   professional, Bari   
  • " About the description " - prof . arch. Francesco Falanga - Academy   of Fine Arts, Bari   
  • " Relief in teaching " - prof. arch. Matteo   Difino - State Technical Institute for Surveyors "Pitagora", Bari
  • " Faith and culture: an experience underway " - dr. arch.   Massimo Baldini - Cooperative '' Work, culture, solidarity '' Bari
  • " Craftsmanship as a school for sacred art " - Franco   Bastiani - U.P.S.A. Confartigianato Bari
    12.30 - Debate
    Moderates and concludes: dott. Gerolamo Pugliese-Councilor for Culture and P.I., Puglia Region
    16.30 - Round table , at the University Center of Culture "S. Teresa dei Maschi" (via della Torretta 6, Bari vecchia) on the theme:

    " The documentation of ecclesiastical cultural heritage ".

    Actions of:

  • Dr. adv. Franco Borgia-president of the Puglia Regional Council
  • Dr. lawyer Gerolamo Pugliese-councilor for Culture and Public Education   of the Puglia Region
  • on dr. Antonio Laforgia-president of the U.P.S.A. Confartigianato
  • prof ing. Gaetano Fano-Director of the Drawing Institute, University   from Bari
  • prof.ssa Pina Belli D'Elia-prof. Extraord. of History of Medieval Art   and Moderna, University of Bari
    Moderates and concludes : prof. Giorgio Otranto-Director of the institute of Ancient Christian Literature, University of Bari