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SHOW : 11 May - June 13

SEMINAR: 25-26-27 May



Organizing committee :

The conference (28-29 maggio)

The two days aim to start the debate respectively on "recovery of the building heritage" with particular details reference to the neighborhood laboratory, and the "protection of the territory" with particular reference to the problem of the reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake of 11.23.80. The program is as follows:

Thursday 28 . Opening of the works 10 am .


Resumption of the works at 16.30 . < / FONT>


Friday 29 . Works start 10am.

Introduction of dr. Leonardo Rinella, deputy procurator of the Republic.

  • " Urban protection reasons: territory, environment, historical centers, human life " dr. Franco Ruggiero, praetor of Modugno.
  • " The intervention of the Photogrammetric Unit of the Urban Police of Bari in the areas hit by the earthquake of 24.11.80 " ten. with the. Antonio Cavallo, deputy commander of the Bari city police.
  • " The aerial photogrammetric survey of some urban centers hit by the earthquake of 23.11.80 " ing. Antonio Coppola, of Alisud Aerofotogrammetrica S.p.A

Resumption of works 4.30 pm .

  • " Knowledge of the municipal area " arch. Giuseppe Romanelli, of the Municipal Technical Office of Bari, P.R.G. Section
  • " Technical times and accuracy of the aerial photogrammetric survey " prof. Walter Ferri, professor of topography at the University of Pisa.
  • " Census and analysis of the territory: the museum of peasant civilization " prof. Vito Donato Bianco, director of the Museum of Rural Life of S. Michele in Bari.
  • " Experiences of photogrammetric survey in archeology " geom. Enrico Brattelli of the Arte Project, law 285, Archaeological Superintendency of Puglia.


The round table ( 30 May)

It proposes the debate on the " project of the regional photogrammetric documentation center " and will take place in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Engineering starting at 10.00 am . The project will be illustrated by prof. Antonio Daddabbo. At the round table, chaired by the lawyer. Domenico ROMANO, vice president of the Puglia Region, will speak:

  • Don Gaetano BARRACANE, head of the diocesan commission of   Sacred Art of Bari;
  • dr. Antonio CAVALLO, deputy commander of the Bari City Police;
  • prof. Vincenzo COTECCHIA, dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Bari;  
  • dr. Giovanni GIUA, councilor for culture of the Municipality of Bari;
  • prof. Marcello GRISOTTI, director of the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Faculty of Engineering of Bari;
  • adv. Gianvito MASTROLEO, president of the Province of Bari;
  • arch. Riccarcdo MOLA, superintendent for the Environmental, Architectural, Artistic and Historical Heritage of Puglia.

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