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In factories lifting machines and transport devices are employed to move workpieces and other materials.
Lifting machines carry materials, pieces, utensils and other machines.
There are non-stop working machines (e.g. pulleys, cranes).
Hoists, fixed and mobile pulleys are employed for lifting loads while electric hoists, hydraulic jacks and different kinds of cranes lift heavy loads.
Hydraulic jacks are generally driven by oil transmission cylinders. Hydraulic devices can lift loads up to 300 MN but the lifting height is usually limited.
Have chosen to examine the stability of a “crane” mounted on an industrial vehicle, because we are interested in safety; besides, this topic covers all the technical subjects we have been studying during the last three years in our school.The self-propelled cranes are motor vehicle job-cranes; moreover, this kind of crane is equipped with two pull-out feet holding firmly to the ground while working, in order to avoid the vehicle overturn, and to prevent a full on loading of the charge on the suspensions and on the wheels of the vehicle.